4 Interesting Fashion Facts

Tutankhamun had made Eyeliner Popular


Till 1920’s Eyeliner wasn’t very popular at all. Eyeliner only got popular after King Tutankhamun’s tomb was discovered in 1922. The tomb sparked a renewed interest in Ancient Egypt, and when people saw images of the young king wearing eyeliner, it became popular.

Before Women, Men wore high heels

men heels

History shows that the first high heels were worn by men and the high heel wasn’t invented to make the ladies look sexy. It was invented to stop men falling off their horses! Heels were designed to keep a man’s feet in the stirrups when he was shooting at his foes with a bow and arrow. But later on the high heels became fashion item for women.

Levi Strauss had a very different name for jeans

Blue jeans online

From the word “Genes” the word “jeans” came. Genes is a word used to describe the sailors of Genoa in Italy, who used to wore blue denim trousers. But later on Levi Strauss, however, patented his design for genes as jeans and what we now called jeans, he called them that time “waist-high overalls”. Not quite as catchy as “blue jeans”, is it?

Fashion is still controlled by Men!

men fashion

Even today, most of the big fashion houses and fashion magazines is still control and are in the hands of the men. Of all the industries we have thought that fashion is a place that  redressed the balance by women, but mostly all fashion houses, stores, and magazines still have a man as a Boss!

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