5 Tips on Choosing the Best Bag for Your Outfit

Choosing a right bag or accessory is a must or else it can break someone’s outfit. If someone has not choosen the right bag then an outfit might simply turn out all wrong. A bag is important on both a function level and a fashion level it could be the clutch purse or a trendy sling. Typically women hold clutch in their hands but some clutches come with a strap, so they get an option of removing the strip or sling the purse over a shoulder. The factors that are important while selecting the right bag for your outfit:

  • Right Size according to the Height and Body:
    While bags come in all size but they still come in different shapes and sizes, and  it is important to carry a bag that looks appropriate to a person holding that bag.  Individuals  who are short in height should consider a small to medium bag and taller individuals can hold something a bit larger.

    sling bag

  • An Appropriate Color:
    The color a woman and the outfit color  often relates to which bag to carry. Some women prefer to carry a clutch during a day time instead of a regular purse or tote during the day of a neutral color might be more appropriate in order to match the outfit. A black bag can go with everything,whether it be a clutch, sling, tote or a handbag. Though some women prefer to carry a neutral brown bag or even a dark color bag to add some flair to a dressed-down outfit. Bags in forest green and dark blue colors are also neutral that go with every outfit without being boring.

    right color bag

  • A Quality Material:
    A well quality material bag last much longer than the flimsy one and it helps save a handsome amount of money. If you want to use bag for work or play, then a leather material bag is the best option. A number of material options are available but use a gentle one and look  fashionable. To remove any dirt from the bag if necessary, use a soft cloth.

    quality material bag

  • A Bag with Pockets:
    One must opt for a bag which a few pockets to organize your belongings. A handbag is the best option when you want to consider pockets in a bag. It generally has three to four pockets in it.

    bag with pockets

  • Select Right Size according to Your Stuff:
    A bag must hold everything that you require when you leave home. Thus, choosing the right size of a bag is a must. Shoppers must keep in mid their personal stuff tendencies as some women carry larger bag than they require which make their accessory look bulky.

    right size bag

It is necessary for a women to carry a bag in order to make the right impression. Whether she is going to work or for a date, a bag is one accessory that offers a number of different options and it should be accessorized correctly.


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