What to Pack for a Weekend Getaway

Planning to get out for a weekend? I know you must be feeling to pack all your stuff that you love. But there’s no need to pack 5 pants, 10 tops and 15 pair of shoes for just 3 days. I remember getting ready for my last trip, the checker was checking my bag, literally told me to remove pair of shoes from my luggage! I don’t know how he was so sure without even seeing that it would be a shoes that are making my luggage overweight.

I was like, should I pack my swimsuit? What if I swim daily, so I would a need a pair for each day. What if I go for tracking or hiking? Should I need my sports bra and sunglasses also? So, all these thoughts make my luggage overweight.

So, if you are also someone like me, here is guide to what to pack for a weekend getaway.

  • A Backpack for all your Small Stuff


  • Denim Shorts for all day long

denim shorts for women

  • Sequin Dress to Party all Night

sequin dress

  • Just Can’t Wear one

  • Easy Breezy Top

floral top

Here you go!! These are all just essentials items that you need for your weekend getaway. So, stop making heavy luggage and just enjoy to the fullest without worrying as to what to wear and how to take care of the stuff.

Just go, treat yourself & have Peace!!


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