5 Surprising Beauty Hacks with Vaseline

Vaseline has become one of the most classic household products in homes for years. We generally use Vaseline to prevent from dry lips or to ease a cut. But this product turns out to be extremely iconic product in the beauty department as well. This product is incredibly useful.

The Surprising Beauty Hacks with Vaseline

Voluminous Lashes

voluminious lashes

You want a day off from mascara and still want your to enhance your eye lashes? Apply some Vaseline to your natural lashes to add an extra oomph and to give effect of longer looking eyelashes.

Removes Eyelashes Glue

You find your lashes with glue after you remove your artificial eyelashes? Just rub some Vaseline over the lashes and the glue will peel away after two-three minutes.

Great Look to Nails

Nail polish

Manicure at home ends up looking nails guilty as charged. So, to give a perfect look like salon to your nails, apply some Vaseline around your cuticles before you start with your nail polish.


Make Perfume Scent Last Longer

To make your perfume last for all day long, dab a little bit Vaseline where you intend to spray the perfume. Vaseline helps to prolong the scent that will make it to last all day.

Smooth Hair

smooth hair

Having a bad hair day? I can feel your pain. So, to make a bad hair day a good hair day, simply apply a small amount of Vaseline in your palms and gently move down to your hairs.



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